How To Get The BEST Cash Offer For Your House

Whats’s the deal with all these “We Buy Houses” Companies Anyway?

I’m sure you’ve seen a bandit sign in a busy intersection with the message: “We Buy Houses – Call Me.” Maybe you’ve received a postcard from a “We Buy Houses” company. The reality is, there is a growing number of investors who are looking to flip your house. 

It’s easy to think, “This must be a gimmick,” or, “There must be a catch.” The catch is, a cash-buyer will usually make an offer to buy your house quickly, as is, for less than market value. But why would anyone sell their house for less than market value? I know I wouldn’t. If your house is in great condition, you deserve to sell it for top dollar. 

Conventional wisdom says the best way to sell your house is with a real estate agent  

Victorian House in the winter

Many believe the myth that it’s necessary to sell a home through a real estate agent. At first glance, it seems like the best way to gain the most exposure. You’re no doubt familiar with the home listings posted on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin. While this may gain certain exposure, it’s mainly the exposure of retail buyers looking for a place to live. That’s a limited market. Consider this: if your house is outdated or needs repairs, you are missing out on the best type of buyer—an investor with cash. Your agent’s listing will likely be overlooked by hundreds of investors who buy properties for cash.

You may be wondering, “What if my house needs repairs, does this mean I won’t receive market value?” Not necessarily. If you are able to market your house directly to investors, then you will be able to find someone who will give you an excellent cash offer while buying your house as-is. In fact, many high-earning investors prefer to buy unlisted properties off-market.

So How Can I Access this Underground Market?

While some “We Buy Houses” companies are established businesses, others are everyday people trying to find their first project. These newer investors are typically looking for a great deal and, in most cases, make low-ball offers. This is why sellers can benefit from working with a reputable “We Buy Houses” company. An established business will have the cash ready to invest in your home. With that said, it may seem counterintuitive to limit yourself to seeking just one offer from one buyer. It’s far better to contact a few of these companies to get a few different offers. Make them compete against each other. 

But that research is time consuming, and selling your home is demanding enough. What you need is someone to take the load off your shoulders—to do the work for you. Someone to gather multiple offers from legitimate cash buyers. Imagine if you were able to put your house out there risk-free, with no listing agreements or commitments. There’s a huge network of cash buyers just waiting to compete against each other to make the highest offer on your home.

Cash Investors are Waiting for You

Again, if your house needs updates or repairs, your best offer will very likely come from a cash investor. Sellers who list their homes on retail sites won’t get the same offers, because 90% of the local investor pool doesn’t even know these homes are for sale. They aren’t searching the retail market for deals; most prefer to buy properties off-market. On top of this, it’s also worth mentioning that when your home is listed, you’re responsible for paying another 8-10% in closing costs and commissions. 

Keys on a stack of cash
There are investors out there who will pay more than you think…in CASH

Let a legitimate company who is connected with a large market of cash-buyers take the burden away from you. You are sure to receive a cash offer you’ll love. If you live in West Michigan, there is a local company that can get you access to this underground market of investors.

Credibility is Key

Lakeshore Home Buyer offers a straightforward approach and has a proven track record of getting sellers the best cash offer for their house. They are trusted by the Better Business Bureau and have an excellent 5-Star rating on Google

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