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5. I Received a Postcard to Sell My House In Byron Center MI. How Does This Work?

We buy houses in Byron Center Michigan. Are you planning to sell your house in Bryon Center MI? We are legitimate homebuyer in Bryon Center and we can help you! What to expect if you have received a postcard from an investor who wants to buy your house. Check this out to learn how does this work after receiving a postcard to sell your property?

“I Received a Postcard to Sell My House. Now What?

I received a postcard. How did they get my information?  How much will they offer? What happens next?  It’s 2019, and there are more real estate investors than ever trying to buy property. If you have received a postcard from an investor who wants to buy your house, here is what you need to know about how the process works. 

Most investors have one goal in mind when sending out mailers: Find houses they can buy at a discount. But why would anyone sell their house at a discount?  Many reasons, actually. 

  • The house needs repairs and the homeowner doesn’t want to fix anything
  • The homeowner needs to sell fast and doesn’t have time to list the house and find a retail buyer, hope their financing goes through and hope the house passes inspection
  • The homeowner inherited a house and has no use for it
  • The homeowner is facing foreclosure and needs to sell fast 
  • The homeowner owes back taxes or has code violations on the property
  • The homeowner is dealing with problematic tenants and wants out

If you received a postcard from an investor who wants to buy your house you may be hesitant to call.  Many times the investor will provide an email address or website on the  postcard and give you the option to fill out an online submission form.  This is a quick and easy way to get an offer on your house, however sometimes the investor will need a bit more information and may want to see the house before making an offer.

Most investors will ask you questions about the property and may want to see the house in person.  Be prepared to show the house and disclose any information about the major components such as roof, HVAC system, foundation, electrical, plumbing, etc. These are keys areas investors want to check so they can evaluate any potential repair costs.

Once they’ve seen the house they will usually present an offer within 24-48 hours.  Be prepared to negotiate! Their offer is not always best and final. If you receive a postcard from an investor who wants to buy your house typically they expect some negotiation.  Many times investors will even offer to pay closing costs. Make sure you ask about this! Once an offer is accepted, the purchase agreement will be sent to the title company and Escrow will open.  Closing can be quick, but usually they are flexible with your terms. 

Investors are a dime and dozen and some have good intentions, some are honest and actually care about solving your specific problem. But like any marketplace, there are some bad apples out there as well.  If you received a postcard from an investor and he or she doesn’t take the time to get to know you and learn more about your situation you may be wasting your time. Some investors will simply throw out low ball offers and hope some stick. You’ll know pretty fast what their intentions are by the type of questions they ask and how much time they take to learn about your situation.

We Offer Cash For Houses In Byron Center MI!

We are Byron Center home buyer and are you looking on how to sell your house in MI area? If you received a postcard from an investor who wants to buy your house you are not alone.  Homeowners are selling their houses to investors every day for many reasons. 

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